A Mans World

concrete and wooden hand sewn book

This artist book explores the contrasts between the man made world and nature. The book cover is created with one side concrete and the other a natural lo representing each of these worlds. Inside tells a story of a man and for both hunting for their loved ones meeting with a deadly conclusion in the middle.

A city with no Postcode

Star book

This artist book is a celebration of circus culture. The title of this book highlights how the circus is a city within itself, travelling to different locations to parade its diverse performing spectacles. Each page explores a subject with circus life represented with the use of collage, paper cut and stitch. the structure of this book is known as a star book when opened I creates a 3D form which captivates the impression of a bi top tent.

A Celebration of the Circus

mini artist books

These five artist books celebrate the life of the circus. The concertina books were created with cellulose vintage images collected from old books and articles and then sewn into to give a pop of colour to match their covers. The books include collections of images based on five themes, acrobats, aerialists, clowns, animals and freak shows.